Abiogenesis presents folk fusion with Barhum & Guitar

The last day of Fusion -2016 left the crowd in a state of inertia with performance of Abiogenesis’ fusion of Rock and folk music. Their album 'Aeon Spell', 'Rustic Relish' and 'Slice of Heaven' were listed for nominations in the Grammys and is the only band in the world to play Howey & Bamhum (instruments). The members of the band are Mrs. Arenla Subong lead vocalist, Moa Subong - lead guitarist, Sosang Meren is the bass guitarist and Aso Kinavi Yim is the drummer.
Abiogenesis is a folk-fusion act that hails from Nagaland, India. It’s no surprise then that their sound can be exotic. Abiogenesis reinvented version of folk music is called Howey Music. Blending Naga folk elements from India and modern music, the result is offbeat, unique, and completely enchanting.
On Wednesday, performing at Veethi Sankul Auditorium of IGRMS, Abiogenesis commenced with ‘Whispering Mountains’ song from their latest album. Their songs are inspired from contemporary issues, folk culture and love for aesthetics. Tonight they performed their global acclaimed songs like Riverside, Love Ignited, Saramati Tears, gazing at the moon, wah taj !, time for a change, right now, voices in kisama, rumble tumble, bamhum shake, and hitch hiker.
Supporting their new style of music, and enhancing the cleverly-shifting melodies of the modern guitar compositions, is the addition of the newly invented Bamhum. That instrument is the invention of Abiogenesis Moa Subong. The Bamhum's unique tone bring an otherworldly quality to the band s sound and highlights the group s fresh take on a classic genre.
The band's action-packed shows and positive do-or-die attitude are already getting increasing notice around the globe. Abiogenesis has performed in five countries: India,Thailand , Russia, Bhutan and Myanmar.

Date: January 14, 2016

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